Unexpected 1099-NEC

Like many people, I earn extra money from time to time by filling out surveys or participating in Zoom interviews with researchers on various topics. In the past, I usually received a 1099-MISC if my earnings were over $600 and I would report the income on my taxes as “Other Income”.

This year for the first time I received a 1099-NEC, which normally represents “non-employee compensation” and is usually for independent contractors. Problem is, when you receive a 1099-NEC, the IRS assumes you are self-employed and should also pay self-employment tax. I do not consider myself to be self-employed or any kind of contract employee. I am retired and only do the surveys and interviews for fun and some extra spending money. In no way does this represent a business.

Can I treat the 1099-NEC the same way I would a 1099-MISC and merely file the income as “Other Income” on my taxes or will the IRS have a problem with this?

Yes, you can report this as Other Income on your 1040 Schedule1 line z. This will flow to form 1040 lline 1h.