Twitter vs. email

When I first started out on the internet, the means of communicating to many people at once was by an e-mail list. Maybe things will go back that way again, lol.


I think it depends on what and how much needs to be said. I like group texts for short, quick messages; email for longer, more important ones.

Not sure whether people do most of their communications via Twitter, especially now that Elon is fussing with it.

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it seems to me that e-mail will soon cease to exist altogether

Email is unlikely to go away…certainly not in the near future. To some extent, it has replaced old fashioned handwritten letters, and that also includes some business communications.

Twitter? Much of the world doesn’t use it. I do not, and will not. Texts, yes, i do text, but for me that is short specific communications. I would rather have discussions in person or via phone call.

When my kids, nieces, nephews. etc., text me, I reply with one letter: K

Short for OK and it means I got it but won’t text back. Either call or email. I do not text…