Twitter in Tatters

If Twitter goes away, is that a bad thing?


It wouldn’t be the end of the world. There are many social media competitors, and a replacement for Twitter would probably show up sooner rather than later.

I doubt it’ll go away completely though. Will probably go through some serious restructuring and maybe downtime. The current rate at which employees are leaving is clearly unsustainable.


Having never used it, I have no idea.
Got to do something radical. One report they have been losing $4M a day. A DAY!

I’ve never understood twitter or why people choose it…

I’ve never understood any of the social networks, or whatever they’re called. But they do attract gazillions. Go figure…

As a side note, I stopped Facebook at the beginning of the yar after a forced update I detested. I have only been on it about 3 times since. So much more free time. As for Twitter, never got into it. Probably used it twice.

Back in the day ran a dial up computer bulletin board with email and forums; you know, back in the 90’s before the Internet was a thing. So I am certainly not ignorant of technology, but I have seen the world turn darker with it. Kids taking evil challenges, telling the world about it and encouraging others to try. People with conspiracy theories whose soapbox is now the world.

So Twitter, Facebook and others can go by the wayside and it doesn’t effect me much at all.

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Why would it go away? Traffic is way up under the new management.

Twitter and Facebook are different animals. I like Facebook for keeping up to date on friends and families lives. People post births, deaths, marriages, new pets, events, etc. Mute or block those who post political nonsense. Twitter is for posting political nonsense and it can go away.


It may crash eventually because vital staff are gone. Patches won’t be applied, or will be applied without testing and something will break, 3rd party licenses will expire, people probably walked off with service account passwords. The usual stuff I see every day but on a ginourmous scale. It’ll be fun to watch, like watching a grain elevator or water tower implosion

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Right…techs under pressure to perform making live changes make for an unstable environment. When the yogurt hits the ventilator, it’ll be one chaotic scene after another, until the whole thing goes casters-up. It’s like trying to build an airplane while in flight.

Or changing a tire at 60 mph

Building a bridge while drive across it, like this one

Are you aware that the current owner of twitter has run several successful companies?

I think we’re all aware of how successful Musk has been. But for the last several years, he has become increasingly erratic, and less than completely rational.

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Serious question - is Tesla profitable? Does it generate positive cash flows?

It may look that way to most people, but most people haven’t built multiple billion-dollar businesses. If I don’t understand why he’s doing something, I assume the problem is on my end.

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Past performance is not a guarantee of future results

In my opinion he is reckless and over confident… and up until he made the rash decision to buy Twitter and could not back out… lucky.


Lots of US here in Houston gave the Enron guys the benefit of the doubt, too. We just assumed we weren’t smart enough to understand what they were doing. We all know how that turned out.

They did have the most gorgeous receptionists, though. Am I allowed to say that?

Heh, you just did…

I said the same thing, but then I got an account.
I really like it – messages must be short! I can mute/block if needed, though I usually just ignore and move on.
But I found many journalists, scientists, and legal experts who share very interesting perspectives or just information/explaining things.
Also, about 2 months ago, I started seeing art posts (paintings, drawings), and I absolutely love them.
I find the format so much better than Facebook, and TikTok is too short-attention-span-weird for me.
I hope Twitter will make it, or that a new version of it will happen. Not a fan of Musk, and I do wish the sale had fallen through.

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