Try That in a Sichuan town

Court files reveal new details of ‘complex’ large-scale illegal marijuana grows at central Maine residences

This is why people love America.

From the article:

All three people arrested at that residence had immigrated to the United States illegally


I wonder if they were carting it up to Canada for sale. Why Central Maine?

That is what is puzzling. Maine has recreational cannabis legalized but these pot growers had no clue they wouldn’t stick out at all? The electricity consumption and the fact that Maine is not a metropolitan blur and neighbors notice things.

Anywway, if this happened in another country, the government might not be as kind to the perps as they are here. Now, if they get deported, I don’t know what waits for them when they get back home but they blew it here.

Sichuan peppercorns should be a controlled substance!

Another pot bust:
Sheriff: Three arrested, hundreds of plants seized in latest marijuana growing bust at a central Maine residence

It used to be that power companys would notice a large consumption of electricity for a residence and it signaled that there may be pot growing there. Also I read that people would grow it in the attic perhaps due to the extra heat up there during the summer. During winter the melted snow on that roof and not the neighborhood roofs was a sign.

I knew that Hawaii used helicopters to look for growing areas in valleys and so n. THIS POSTING by the State was eye opening, including saying where they were currently looking for growers (hey heads up if a helicopter is nearby…)

"Flying at around 300ft, these helicopters are fitted with a wide range of sensors to help detect the cultivation of Marijana in private residences. Thermal cameras on the nose of the aircraft can see the heat produced by grow lights. Microphones can hear pumps and industrial fans used for air circulation, and air quality sensors can detect the smell of the flowers in bloom. "

In the future I assume the state will detect growers and users by the signal that they eat at “Jack In The Box”. The article headline was (Jack in the Box’s $4.20 Combo Deal Is Pure Stoner Pandering)