I have 1 concert ticket for sale on Ticketmaster and it states there are ‘Zero Seller Fees!’ highlighted in green. I want to sell 2 more tickets next to it, but now they want to charge almost $30 in fees per ticket! Online Customer Service Agents do respond, but their answers have nothing to do with my problem. Last night, I replied with a screen freeze showing Zero Seller Fees, which was ignored. I posted a message on their Facebook page, but it was removed overnight. There is no email address or phone number to call. The BBB has some very interesting info as well. Any thoughts? Thanks.

The Wikipedia page shows many lawsuits and settlements against them. Also I saw that their fees are 27% to 37% to the buyer. Honestly, I have never and would never do business with them. In your case, I assume your tickets are for some local event. You could always try Nextdoor.Com or the local paper and give the buyer a cheaper price than they pay through Ticketmaster. Collect cash from the buyer.

Unfortunately Ticketmaster has a monopoly in this industry and their customer service is really bad.

Right after Covid-19 and music shows were starting up and I bought a fast pass for combined total of $30.00 for a Luke Bryan show in Northern California.

The fast pass lane was turned into GA line which took us forever to get in. I called the venue which is owned by Ticketmaster and received no call back. Try it five times and no return calls.

I decided to dispute the fast pass charge with Citibank and I lost that battle. Ticketmaster actually will not allow me to buy tickets anymore on my account.

All I was doing was looking for a refund on a fast pass that was granted. Unbelievable!

As Clark says, post honest personal experience all over Social Media. It may not help you, but it will feel good that you are helping others. This is along the lines of… “This is what happened to me. You need to decide if you want to do business with them.”

I’ve sold tickets on Ticketmaster and there are definitely fees. I just went on their website and it talks about fees on their FAQ. I don’t see anything about no fees. Are you sure you are on Ticketmaster.com and not some 3rd party scammer site?

I found the answer in a June 12 email from Ticketmaster. It contained info about an upcoming concert I bought tickets for. It included a graphic that says,

“Can’t Make The Concert? We’ll Wave The Fees.
Sell your tickets on Ticketmaster and take home 100% of your list price.”

Then in tiny mouse type it says, “For a limited time only. Some exceptions may apply."

When clicking the ‘Learn More’ link, it leads to this:
(Don’t bother, the web page says, “We’re Still Setting This One Up”.