SFGATE: "Depeche Mode tour tickets for the SF show are under $100 now"

Um, is it safe to say that going to a concert is now a rich man’s game?


We recently had Chicago play on the Big Island. We are rural and the lawn seating outdoors was fine with us. As I remember the tickets were quite reasonable and could be purchased at a fw businesses like the local Bowling Alley. In D.C. for two years I was able to see the Beach Boys live on the Mall for free, hobnobbing with perhaps hundreds of thousands on neighbors :slight_smile: for the Fourth of July.

Oh yeah, I once had a press pass for the Rolling Stones in D.C. and was an M.C. for a Rick Nelson and the Stone Canyon Band concert.

Other than that I just don’t do concerts because of the prices.

Working in Radio I had access to all sorts of free records and albums. While not a live concert, it was still their music.

Most of the time things are just too expensive anymore and not worth it for me to buy tickets, even if I think it would be great to see a particular act. But it’s the junk fees that stop me most of the time. We just had Les Miserable come through our city. Wanted to go, but paying $25 in fees for $70 tickets just turned me off. Can’t even go down to the box office anymore to cut out the middle man. The online ticket sales people seem to have everything locked up so they can charge their junk fees while adding no value.