ThioJoe: "The New Credit Card Scam You Need to Know About"

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How many people use ATMs any more?

People who want cash?


I haven’t needed to get cash in a while but will need to go to replenish hurricane money. I would never go to just any teller machine or at night. My bank has an armed guard at the front entrance by the ATM during banking hours. That said, I have always made sure that the machine has logged me off before I step away. Even with using the slot, I think the machine always asked if there wanted to make another transaction. Pure stupidity to not read what is on the machine and follow through.

I always need cash to pay house-cleaners, landscapers, barbers, fast food, etc.

I get cash mainly because I tip in cash, or with small businesses, I pay cash (to avoid the cc fee for the business or myself). Also, for occasional donations – street artists, etc.

The only time I ever use an ATM is to get some foreign currency when I arrive at a foreign destination, when still in the arrival airport… Stateside I use credit cards for just about everything and If I need US cash I get it from my CU teller.

Those who do yards, housecleaning, barbers, etc. want cash.
At least mine do,

You might want to check and see if they are licensed and insured. If they are not, hiring them could be a liability exposure for you.

Years ago I stopped at an ATM at my bank at night on the home from something. The next morning there was a news story how someone was robbed at that ATM the evening before at around 8 PM. I looked at my receipt and the time stamp was exactly 8 PM. I must have missed the perp by minutes and that was the last time I went to a walk up ATM at night. I do still get cash from my CU drive-up ATM or the ATM inside the building.

Those are the only ATM’s I use. Inside a building.

No offense, H200h, but when it comes to giving people gifts, Clark Howard prefers that you give someone cash instead of a gift card. (To understand why, check this out.) I don’t follow Clark’s general advice religiously, to be honest.

I didn’t say I didn’t use cash, I said I don’t use ATMs. I think Gift cards are profitable for retailers and a loser for consumers.

I get cash from my CU’s drive-up teller or go inside the branch office and get it from a teller.

During my career as a casualty claims adjuster I have handled tthre claims for homicides that occurred where the use of an Atm is involved and a number of bump and rob robberies.

One of the murders was in broad daylight.

The perps parked in a parking lot and observed that the person who changed out the ATM did so about the same time.

They dressed up as two women., walked up to him, shot him the chest with a shot gun and took the money.

This was a workers compensation claim.

I suggest using the ATM inside the grocery store or where ever.

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Well, I had cash on hand from the hurricane that I used for those sort of things - lasted me 2 years as I don’t have a lot of those type of payments currently. Just getting to the point where I am thinking about hiring some “assistance care”. I’ll need more cash by next hurricane season.

Our grocery has ATM outside. I am comfortable going to my bank in midday as they have armed guard at the front by the doors and ATM. Or, I go inside. Yeah, they still have tellers at my bank (at least the last time I was there).

I agree except fast food… there I use the Costco Anywhere 3% CBack!

My Barber has been excellent even coming to the house when I could not get to him… cash and a nice tip!

Not sure I’ve used one this century. I was a heavy user back in their beginning 1980s? I was an administrator for a mega bank and we were paid into our account which we tapped as needed, I now usually make a CU withdrawal for my home supply and WAM. I have taken cash back on my Discover card on occasion - pay by due date and there is no fee. Good way to get $20-50 pocket cash.