The Evolution of Coffee... Keurig

Does anyone remember the Percolator?
It came in many sizes from the 2 cup to the 30 cup (Party size) or in my army time , the Motor Pool size.

Then came drip Coffee Makers… you probably recall it as Mr Coffee although I had a Norelco. One advantage of the Drip is that you could pour a cup before the pot was full, My Norelco had a stopper so that no coffee “dripped” while the Pot was removed. Problem… the rest of the pot was somewhat weaker as the initial wave was not there.

Finally after seeing my kid’s Keurig and pick your coffee, I had to get one. The Keurig is quick and you can get to pick your coffee. However it is more expensive about 40 to 50 cents a cup (Costco prices) and since I like the Dark Roast and Costco sells them in boxes of 80 or more… there is very little picking. Some would wonder if the cost and increased trash produced is worth it.

Another use of Keurig… My wife is a Lipton tea drinker. She runs the Keurig without a pod into a cup with a tea bag. When my Coffee Pod has not been removed, makes for an interesting cup of tea. :nauseated_face:

Do you have a Keurig?
What is your favorite pod?
Is it worth it?

I liked the convenience of Keurig, but I hate the waste, and to me, the coffee isn’t hot enough. Also, I don’t want another appliance on my limited counter space!

I actually went back to a percolator when my last coffee maker died.
No filters and coffee grounds go to compost.
I also have a small French press, if I want only 1 cup.
I guess I’m going against current trends!

My opinion is that it doesn’t matter as long as you keep buying coffee :slight_smile:

Actually, I used to sell a coffee filter that fits over the cup. It is a 2-part which separates and holds the grounds. Pour hot/boiling water into it and out drips coffee. (

The only thing you throw away is the grounds.

I would take it with me on trips because if you had seen what the inside of a hotel/motel coffee maker looked like…

French press here. When backpacking, I do cowboy or instant coffee packets. Cowboy coffee is easy to make and I just pack the grounds out. I don’t like that the coffee shelf at my local grocer has grown to be over 50% Keurig type coffee pods. Same happened with Greek yogurt and its domination :rofl:

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I have a combo pod/carafe coffee maker since I like a whole pot and my husband likes one cup. It came with a little strainer cup that you can put your own coffee in, so if you’re worried about waste (or out of pods) you can use that. Most k-cup type coffee makers come with one, although Keurig went through a faze where they somehow wouldn’t use them. Percolators are still available to purchase new. Vintage ones can be found on eBay.

I love the convenience of the Keurig. I don’t think it tastes as good, but good enough. Yes, works great for hot water for tea, my son can make hot chocolate with those pods.

I started buying Cameron’s K-Cups which are eco pods that are compostable.

Between the percolater and the Keurig there was the one-cup disposable-filter and… in most places outside the US, the coffee plunger aka French Press.

I’m still an old-fashioned grind-your-own beans expresso-machine latte-frother coffee drinker.

I was buying the San Francisco Bay French Roast from Costco… very good and Compostable.

However Costco stopped offering the SF Bay French Roast and now offers the Keurig French Roast and Peets Major Dickinson.
I buy between the 2 on price,

I like the Pacific Bold Dark Roast Kirkland Pods, they are on special starting yesterday, I think it was $30.99 for a box of 120. They keep changing their prices on these.

About 95% of the time i get my coffee at a local coffee shop. Quad cappuccino, very dry. It’s very much a coffee shop version of Cheers.

The last few times I’ve purchased coffee beans, it’s been through a small coffee roaster in New England. They have all been delicious. (Google Boynton Blends) a bit expensive if you pay shipping, but they occasionally have free shipping specials.


Before the Keurig I enjoyed the Kirkland Pacific Bold Ground Coffee. Naturally I tried the KPB Pods. IMHO, they were different and did not provide that Bold flavor.

After buying some variety packs, I found most pods like Breakfast Blend and Newman’s etc.( I wanted to like Newmans) were on the weak side. I like to make the full 12 oz.

So I have settled on Keurig French Roast and Dark Magic and Peet Major Dickerson… and San Francisco Bay French Roast in the Netting Pod… whichever Costco has on sale.

I drink between 1 and 3 Cups (Pods) a day, depending on that day’s itinerary.

No cup coffees here, though back when I was in Texas we had a salvage store and they kept sending cup coffees to the proprietor and she had a hard time moving them so they got to be real cheap and I would take them to work and give them away. Of course if one is sitting there tempting me in doctor’s office I will partake…

New bride insists French press is the way, and she grinds her own beans. She used to think 8 o’clock was good but I spoiled her and now we normally use costco sacks of starbucks when it is on sale. She says hold off we got 20 lbs in freezer…