The Cool Down: "Walmart is making a huge change to how customers check out in its stores — here’s what to know before going"

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Ahhhh? Bring back paper? It’s biodegradable.

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That happened here years ago in 2011. Y’all are just so far behind the times.

Nothing Walmart does though can surpass the people of Walmart.

About 5 years ago my state eliminated plastic bags from all stores. I miss them. I used them for my trash and garbage bags.
Some stores sell the plastic bags in bundles of 100 bags.

Walmart had paper bags you could buy a check-out for $0.05 per bag. Recently the paper bags were deleted from walmart.

All things are biodegradable, some things just take longer than others.

What’s worse is installing self service checkout systems and eliminating cashiers…raise the minimum wage and eliminate employees…win win for wal-mart!

I agree with that. We made our bi-monthly trip to an Aldi market last week and were a bit shocked to find that they had replaced about all of their manned checkout lines with self-check lines. There was only one manned line open when we checked out. And we waited there as we weren’t prepared to self-check $150 or so of items.

So far as plastic bags, we’ve shopped groceries with some very nice, sturdy bags we purchased from Amazon years ago. It’s cut our plastic bag usage by about 90%. Yes plastic bags are biodegradable, but they have about the same half-life as nuclear reactor waste. I suspect that buried in landfills with little to no oxygen their life might approach the infinite.

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No cheering for Walmart in our hood here in Rome, NY…If you place an order online to go pick up they bring your products out to your car and the associate has to unload them one by one…There are NO bags… NO THANK YOU!! If you shop in the store you can buy one of their cheesy bags I think for a buck each… NO THANK YOU!! NY State eliminated the plastic bags for what ever reason and pushed the paper ones that are a giant pain due to ripping or no handles. Grrrrr… I go to Hannafords, put in the order online, they handpick my items and when I pull in they bring them to the car all carefully bagged in paper but with handles! Sam Walton would hang his head in shame seeing what as happened to his Walmart stores!!

I doubt Sam would hang his head in shame. On business trips, Walton required Walmart’s buyers to lodge two to a hotel room, eat in family diners, and even bring pens from the hotel rooms for use at “home office.”