Is Kroger trying to cheat me in the produce department?

Recently there are new plastic bags in the produce department at my local Kroger. Thick, heavier gauge plastic, and much longer, too. I didn’t think anything of it.

But then I realized what was going on… when you buy produce by the pound… you are paying for the bags as well as the fruit or veg ! The cost of bags per pound must be much less than for produce, so the more bag you buy, the more profit Kroger makes !

Over a year’s time maybe I use a pound of bags (maybe 1/3 oz per week). Peaches are $1.37 per pound now. So Kroger is getting a buck or two extra from me in plastic purchases per year.

I’m taking a scissors to Kroger next time, and trimming my bags down by half. They’re too darned long, especially if you just buy garlic, ginger, or a few shallots.

So dont use the produce bags at all.

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