Storage for Lenovo Thinkpad T470

I was given a Thinkpad T470 that reports bad blocks in the SSD. I did get Linux to install but with errors booting. I tried to repair the errors and now no boot at all from the SSD…

I do not want to pay the price of a new SSD but would buy a HDD. Youtube disassembly videos look like the SSD is in a bracket that is the same size as a HDD but I have not been able to verify that a HDD would be a direct replacement on the Lenovo Internet site. In fact, I can find the T470 listed but when I search for support, there is a “not found” message.

Any ideas?

Based on those videos it looks like it depends on if you have the correct cable. I found 1 video with a std SATA HHD (How to Disassemble Lenovo ThinkPad T470 Laptop or Sell it. - YouTube) around the 3:50 mark and one video with a M.2 adapter and cable (Lenovo T470 SSD Replacement Guide Step By Step!! - YouTube) around the 3:30 mark.
YOu would need to take your apart and see what you actually have then purchase the drive (and interface) that matches what you have)

Thanks. I came across some discussion on the Internet about how Linux can make a list of bad blocks and use the list to avoid trying to wright to the blocks. I think I will explore this further before trying to gather the courage to open the case.