Laptop recommendations?

My laptop died (something spilt on it), and i am looking for a replacement. Any recommendations for what to look for or avoid?

I believe the one that died was windows 10. I mostly use Microsoft Office, specifically excel, word, outlook, although occassionally powerpoint. I also use acrobat and photo apps, and visit various websites. I don’t game, although I occassionally watch videos.

Bought a Lenovo in November 2021. Solid state hard drive. Loads fast. It was $400 back then. It was something like this or a Chromebook but I decided against a CB because they have a limited lifespan for use until software/operating system issues bog them down. At the time, paying $150 or so was tempting for one but I opted for the Lenovo. Runs Windows 11.

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I second the Lenovo as that’s the original IBM