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I keep getting letters saying the state of Ga will no longer pay for my medicare part b…which I don’t understand, thought ss was a federal program. Also don’t understand why . Do I need to change something on my plan.?I feel they try to make it very confusing and they succeeded… is there a social security advocate (at no charge) that I can contact? Signed confused and thanks in advance

I live in GA, am on Medicare and I haven’t been getting any letters. Are you sure it isn’t a scam?


Medicare or Medicaid? Although to the best of my knowledge, medicaid doesn’t have a part b.

I am pretty sure it isn’t a scam.

It is Medicare been getting letters saying a premium of 164.90 will be deducted.

Did Georgia ever pay Part B premiums? Part B premiums have always been the responsibility of the individual, and if their adjusted income is more than a designated amount, the premium amount increases.

$164.90 is the standard 2023 premium. For 2024 it will go up a bit less than $10.

Consider taking the letter to your local social security office for clarification. Also, might consider calling Social Security or going to the Social Security website for clarification.

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Whatever you do, don’t call any numbers or click on any websites printed on the letter itself that’s the classic phishing tactic. Look up contact information at

Apparently there are state Medicare Savings Program that can pay for premiums for eligible recipients. Perhaps you are no longer eligible for Georgia’s program.