SFGATE: "California malls as we know them are dying. Here's what comes next."


I think delivery service from Amazon, Walmart, and Target are part of the demise of malls.

Oh, excellent! There is far too much empty store space, ahem Walmart, and far too little housing in CA. The state has increased housing mandates and is heavy-handedly pushing (aka. heavily fining) even the smallest of towns that don’t even have the infrastructure needed for new housing projects. Many housing projects are currently being built on prime agricultural to the detriment of the agriculture required to feed the rest of the US and even the world. Repurposing malls and empty stores would convert unused space to much needed housing without supplanting agriculture and nature. The best part is that much of the electrical and sewer capabilities are probably already in place, easing the cost to builders and perhaps keeping housing costs down for buyers.

Electrical yes, but the plumbing needs for a mall (few bathrooms widely scattered) is totally different than needed or residential housing.

Think of all the Santa Claus jobs that are going to be eliminated! :cry: