Scams and Ripoffs - Humor

I was reading a website where people had submitted scams so common they are everyday things. That includd a tip entry on a self-checkout page, signing up for an app and forgetting to cancel before you are charged. That isn’t really a scam, butg I digress.

The one I found humorous was " As an 18-year-old, I should not have been in charge of a $100k-in-debt decision." (probably education related?)

If the 18-year-oldf really learned to stay out of debt for the rest of his life, it could turn out to be a real bargain. :nerd_face:

As an underaged kid I once went into the ABC (State of Virginia liquor stoe managed by the state) and got a bottle of grain alcohol (because it has less impurities of course :-).

Anyway the clerk looks at me and I dread the question coming… “Do you have ID?” to which I accurately answered “Yes”. I am glad that he didn’t ask to look at it.

Anyway, that makes me wonder if anyone like 17 and 11 months or so applied for and received a student loan, and after a while told them that they were not 18 when the signed the contract and walked away later and sued to get their payments back? … Might make a good movie plot.

‘’‘’‘’''and then found them selves serving time for fraud.

What would be the fraud?

If the person taking the loan knew he was a minor and not qualified for the loan before he took it it would qualify as a fraud.

I would expect the loan contract to have qualifying language in the contract specifying that the applicant had contractual capacity.

Fat chance, unless the minor lied about his age. There’s no legal prohibition against minors entering into contracts. Contracts just can’t generally be enforced against minors, or even against adults who signed as minors without some further affirmation of the contract. That’s the lender’s problem if they lend money to a minor. If you’re familiar with the college football commitments, you’ll recognize that the initial commitment (by minors) can be changed later. The high-schooler isn’t in breach of a contract by changing his mind.

Even if the minor was “not qualified for the loan,” do you really think the law, which won’t doesn’t expect him to have enough knowledge and maturity to enforce a contract against him, would hold him criminally liable for not knowing or correctly following rules for entering into contracts? Like I said, fat chance!

How would that work if the signer doesn’t have contractual capacity?

I really didn’t post the suggestion as a real problem to address, as it is a humor post. However, yes underage people can sign contracts and he held to them for ‘necessary items’.

There are many times an underage person has signed a contract for a non-essentual item like a cellphone. Here is one persons description of the contract.

If you are seeking to enter into a contract with a minor or infant, you should be aware that you will be doing so at your own risk. Minors and infants usually retain the legal right to void a contract whenever they wish, which means you would have no guarantee that the contract would actually be completed. The reason that minors are allowed to void contracts is so they will be protected from being forced to fulfill contractual obligations they do not have the ability to understand.

Because this can result in very serious consequences to the non-minor party, there are some exceptions to this rule. For instance, if a minor passes the majority age and the contract is still in place, they will retain their ability to void the contract for a limited period of time, after which the contract would be binding.

Yes, it is possible to sign a contract when you are underage and don’t understan what you are doing and perhaps the person with the contract has not understood your age.

How about going back to the idea of thepost,m which is what ways have you seen or done to take advantage of something?