Save $2,024 in 2024

If your New Year’s financial resolution is to save more money in 2024, this fun, simple money challenge will help you meet that goal. Download and print the chart so that you can cross off each week of savings.

HELPFUL TIP: Go ahead and set up your automatic transfers to a high-yield savings account for the entire year. Then sit back and watch your savings grow!

Interesting, but why not just deposit $40 every week?

I asked the same thing last time. Their answer was something like making it a game helps some people. What would probably help those people more would be to automate the process, which you can easily do if you make it $40/week rather than this arbitrary process. But what do I know?

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Yeah, set up an autopay. But much easier if a constant amount

Absolutely !! Pay yourself first !!

That was my wife’s method to save that she learned from the Chinese while we lived in Taipei. She’s gone now, but I am very comfortable thanks to thirty years of her harsh saving methods.

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