How To Save $1,000 in 15 Weeks

You can have almost $1,000 saved by the end of the year by participating in this 15-week savings challenge! Or use some of the savings along the way for Christmas shopping. CLICK HERE for more details: How To Save $1,000 in 15 Weeks

Who’s in?

What’s the point of the different amounts each week? If I can save $97 in a week, why not do that every week; then I’d have almost 50% more than your plan?


I was thinking he might be saving less the first week of the month… but that is obviously wrong!!

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I think it was just because “if you save $67 per week, you’ll have $1000 in 15 weeks” doesn’t sound as interesting. Clark’s team is not immune to the sweet sweet draw of those precious clicks. It would be nice if they didn’t use click bait, but here we are.

Any comment or explanation, @TeamClarkAdmin? Or are you going to ignore us and hope we shut up and click.

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Was hoping you’d shut up and click :joy::joy::joy: Totally just kidding! :green_heart:

Here’s the point of different amounts each week:

  • True, you can set a fixed amount each week (the article suggests $67) to reach the $1,000 goal. People can do this on their own, automatically transfer a portion of their income to savings each week, but many are not doing it. So we’re trying to encourage savings by making it more like a game – different amounts that you cross out each week. It switches some people’s minds from mundane & boring to variety & exciting.

  • To your $97/wk point - Yes, if you can save $97 each week, do it; and you’ll have more than our challenge. However many people aren’t able to save that amount EVERY week but may be able to sacrifice and save it ONE week to fulfill the money challenge.

  • This savings challenge was designed with holiday shopping season in mind, but we made it generic so that you can do it any time of year. So it eases people into saving with low amounts, then it peaks in the middle of the challenge to help people save a little more for holiday shopping, then it drops back down to low amounts as people are spending more the closer we get to Christmas.

  • Lastly, the different amounts allow for flexibility in your spending for the month. You may have had to skip the Starbucks last week but are able to squeeze it in this week, while remaining on track to reach your $1,000 goal.

We put a lot of thought into our savings challenges…it’s not just random numbers.
Hope this answers your question!