Returning Security Deposit Tenant Leaving

My tenant is leaving 2/29/2024 upon ending of lease.

I am moving in it, a little sooner than I wanted but I’m in end stage job burnout and don’t have the time/energy to interview tenants, I called a few property managers and they were too pricey, one told me it could be vacant up to a month , they want one months rent plus 7 % of the monthly rent.

What to look for to determine if there is any damage ? I know the obvious like holes in the wall etc. and I certainly don’t want to nit pick.

Did you do a walk-thru and complete a move-in inspection after the lease was signed ??

Stains, smells, holes, broken things. Whether the place is clean. If the appliances still work. If you don’t see anything that clearly different from the move-in checklist when you walk through, it’s probably not worth worrying about. Even if you do see a difference, it could be normal wear and tear.

If you are moving in why do you need a property manager?

I took it to mean that he could rent it out again (with a property manager) or move in himself. He chose the latter due to the costs of the property manager.