Manager of complex doesn’t allow walk through

I’m leaving a rental complex, I requested to be present during the walk through a day before my Move. the manager only allows when I have moved out; I can’t hold my move to my destination just to have a walk through. Is this arrangement legally allowed?

A walk through is more than likely spelled out by your County or State and in your rental documents. If there is a disagreement of terms, the government docs may prevail. The complex probably wants to make sure that you have everything out so they can see if you are hiding damage with a bed in the way, etc. Also most lease/rent documents say the place should be ‘broom clean’ or some such.

It sounds as though you are leaving with the movers. If that is the case, let the movers clear out, sweep or whatever and tape copious photos. You should have photos of the place showing the condition when you moved in. Few renters do that. On the other hand, few rental companys do it either. That is when a judge in small claims has to determine if you damaged something or they gave you the place in bad condition.

If you must leave before the movers or cannot stay for the walk through, pay a friend or cleaning service to do photos, clean and photos nd return the keys. They would not be able to tell the complex why the screen might have broken or was broken in the past, but you will have a record of how the unit is turned over.

In you new rental place, take those photos first and document in writing any issues!

That’s what I do with my tenants as well. Technically you still are in possession until you have moved everything out and handed over the key. So there is no benefit to the property management to perform this in advance. What if something gets damaged after your early inspection during your move-out??

My suggestion is to use your phone and videotape the entire unit after you have moved everything out. That should give you the evidence you need in case they pull any shenanigans.

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