Property Manager

Has anyone here hired a property manager ?

There is a chance (probably about 80%) that my tenant will not renew next year.

I have a small rental property and don’t have the time nor energy (job burnout) to screen a new tenant.

The research I have begun doesn’t give me an answer, I just wanted some basic info like costs, how much they do etc.

They wanted too much info like email addy, phone number etc. which I would certainly give if I hired them.

Anyone have an idea of costs etc. ?

I am in real estate on the investment side so I can give you some guidance.

Are we talking long-term or vacation rental ?

I’ve had good results with Transunion’s Smartmove service. It’s really simple for the landlord side, the applicant is billed for the service. The only thing you get are the reports you specify.

butler, no it’s a residential condo/townhouse.

So my experience comes from GA and FL and a property manager is going to charge you between 10-15% to manage your long-term rental. You would still want to vet them for managing properties in the same area as yours so that they understand the rental market.