Online State specific tax calculator?

I have found a couple of these calculators online, however, they are very generic, I need one that allows me to input, pension income, Social Security, income, and withdrawals from my retirement accounts. I’m thinking about moving out of state, I’m trying to do some basic comparisons from State to state…Thoughts?

Arizona does not tax social security incomr, military active or reserve pay, or military retirement pay. And for what is taxed, it is a 2.55% flat tax

This might help

Great…thank you!

Thank you…!

If you’re considering other things besides taxes, this site is fun:

Look under the Demographics tab for stats like resident age, politics, employment rates, education levels, walkability, etc. and enter a place you’re interested in moving to. Zoom out and around for hours…

Lisa…. This is great! Thanks for sharing, very helpful!