Credit Cards Easiest for Retirees to get

I am retired and have adequate retirement assets but modest Social Security income. My FICA score is well over 800. If asked about my monthly income, based on Social Security, I cannot qualify for a credit card at my credit union or bank. I see recommendations for the “best credit card for retirees,” but what are the recommendations for “easy credit cards for retirees to acquire”? I always pay my balances in full every month. Can I include my monthly retirement account withdrawals in my monthly income?

Thanks for all you do.

I would. You report it as income on your tax return (unless it’s Roth, but that’s another discussion).

Thank you. That seems right to me, but I try to be careful about the wording when talking to financial institutions.

I just lied and gave a reasonable amount of income. I have a similar score in the 800’s and multiple cards. Being over 70 I can take as much as I want out of my retirement account (and pay taxes, etc) and am listed as self-employed. They have never tried recently to verify my income even applying for 2 new cards.

Thank you.

What company holds and manages your retirement assets? Perhaps that company offers a credit card. I know Fidelity offers a 2% cash back credit card.

Good idea. Thanks.

Like everyone else here, I had the same concern a couple years ago. Also worried that being denied a card would hurt my credit. I have had a CapitalOne VISA for decades so when shopping for a MC I applied to CapOne hoping my long and squeaky clean history with them would score me points toward a new MC. My quest was successful. I did, as mentioned here, include my investment “income” hoping I wouldn’t have to verify. Even my plussed-up income was less than impressive so I really think my CapOne history sealed the deal. Remember when banks would send you an unsolicited CC just to get your business?