My Frugal Day (kinda)

Didn’t realize it but I had a mostly frugal day, I’m sure it would be Clark approved (mostly lol).

I went to the dollar (1.25 store) store and bought the Saturday edition of the Sunday Philadelphia Inquirer for 1.25, I don’t like their editorial policy but I like the puzzle page, sports and real estate section, sells for 4.95 in stores.

I made my Feb. mortgage payment on my rental property at my local community bank, they give out the local suburban paper free (Fri/Sat edition) sells for 2.95 in stores.

Went grocery shopping and used a CC that gives 5% cash back this quarter at grocery stores.

Bought gas for my car at Speedway used their reward store card and got 5 cents off a gallon, paid with my customized reward card and get 3 % cash back.

The only fly in the ointment is I bought 35 bucks of scratch off tickets for tonight’s amusement.


You saved so much … that you could buy the lottery tickets​:+1::rofl:

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True. How much of your world is that $35?

You can easily spend $35 on going out to eat, concert, sporting tickets, or even the movies. Would $15 on scratch offs give you similar excitement?

Mr Beast wasted $1M on lottery tickets. I believe he only received 70-75 cents on the dollar