Ever Got a Deal So Good You Felt Like You Stole Something?

What’s the best deal you ever got? How are you creatively saving money on something? Tell us your savings stories!

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I have not paid for internet in six years. I am not a gamer, nor do I excess a great quantity of gigabytes per month. I just pay bills online, check email accounts and send emails. I use less bandwith than the average person so there is no need of a big quantity of purchase of the bandwith. So how do I do it using about two gigabytes per day? My wife and I have library cards and we tag team up checking out a wifi portable hotspot once every three weeks. If I do need to use the hotspot from our mobile service I can, if I get in a tight spot in between checkouts from the library.

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Two different events happened when some family and friends were at a Cable Beach casino at Nassau.

There was a quarter slot machine my Sister was playing. All of a sudden it paid off. Instead of paying out in quarters, it paid the correct number of coins in dollars instead. We didn’t know if the machine had been loaded with the wrong set of coins or not.

Then there was a slot area called the “Hurricane Zone”. The slots were arranged in an oval with palm trees in the middle. At certain times music would play, the trees would start to sway, lights would start to flash (like lightning) and thunder could be heard. If you were playing maximum coins, the machines paid out extra above what the regular amount would be. As we walked past I noticed a very subtle issue with the whole promotion. Employees were taking crtain machines out of service and as I looked, they were replenishing the coin trays. I actually saw them putting money back into the machines because they were paying out. It is rare to see that happen as usually they are taking the extra money out of machines. My friend and I waiting and grabbed two seats and won significant money multiple times including bonuses.

Yes, it did feel as though we were robbing the place.

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Last year, I got an offer for electricity (we have electric supplier choice here in PA). The offer was for flat-rate, all-you-can-use electricity for $20 a month for a year. My typical commodity charge is around $120 a month. I couldn’t believe it was real, but I signed up. Sure enough, I got my electric commodity for $20 flat rate for the year.

Of course, when the year was up, the auto renew was over $200 a month. But I kept track, and canceled that supplier before the new rate went into effect. Total savings something like $1,200.