Mr Cooper is taking over my mortgage? Wells Fargo mortgage will now be “serviced” through Mr Cooper. Has terrible reviews on BBB

I received an email (and I guess a letter but I’m working out of the area now) from Wells Fargo that my mortgage will be serviced by Mr Cooper. I thought it was a scam email; the name sounds spammy. But it appears to be true.

Looked on BBB and Mr Cooper’s reviews are super bad including being unable to get a person on the phone. Terrible. Anyone have pointers or anyone find a way to reach a human?

Has anyone been through this change already and what are your experiences?

Why do you need to reach a human?

They were the servicer for one of my investment property loans. I never talked to them during the 7-8 year period. They have a decent enough site and provided tax documents in a timely manner.

I had them for a couple years but then I refinanced. I didn’t have any problems with them but then I didn’t have any reason to contact them. I just paid my mortgage every month on time.