Mint Mobile sold to T-Mobile

I’m sure not happy about this. I wonder if my $15:a month goes away eventually. My personal information was leaked by T-Mobile.

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I have been with Mint for several years so hopefully nothing will change for us.
I am very happy with the $15 month plan.

I’m not a Mint customer, but hopefully it fares better than Republic Wireless did when Dish commandeered it.

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I have had Mint for several years, paying yearly in advance. Long term consolidation is never good. Hope we get T-Mobile Tuesdays and other bennies though.

When T-Mobile absorbed Sprint, they began miscounting data as Sprint had. Also, I was relegated to the inferior Sprint reception in my area. Of course, Sprint being what it is, I knew that my voice would not be heard and just shut up finally.

“CEO Mike Sievert assured customers that Mint’s $15 per month pricing plan would stay in place…”

At least until they don’t.

I have yet a fair notion of pay as you go data to encounter. Why would the underwriting fees be so close to 50%.

We’ve got some huge Mint-is-getting-better news for you. Starting 4/14, we’re increasing the amount of data on your plan – and just like last time we did it, at no cost to you. Meaning your 4GB plan will turn into a 5GB plan. There’s nothing you need to do…except get ready to have more data for curating playlists, binging new shows and upping your selfie game. Your upgrade will go into effect when your monthly data refreshes after 4/14. Thanks for being awesome.

Mint Mobile’s Plans Are About To Get Even Better!

Just last month, T-Mobile announced the acquisition of Mint Mobile. With this announcement, we weren’t sure if Mint Mobile’s low-cost prepaid plans would stay the same.

Today, Mint Mobile announced that the plans will be changing on April 14. Fortunately, it’s going to be a positive change for Mint Mobile customers.