Mint Mobile sold to T-Mobile

I’m sure not happy about this. I wonder if my $15:a month goes away eventually. My personal information was leaked by T-Mobile.

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I have been with Mint for several years so hopefully nothing will change for us.
I am very happy with the $15 month plan.

I’m not a Mint customer, but hopefully it fares better than Republic Wireless did when Dish commandeered it.

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I have had Mint for several years, paying yearly in advance. Long term consolidation is never good. Hope we get T-Mobile Tuesdays and other bennies though.

When T-Mobile absorbed Sprint, they began miscounting data as Sprint had. Also, I was relegated to the inferior Sprint reception in my area. Of course, Sprint being what it is, I knew that my voice would not be heard and just shut up finally.

“CEO Mike Sievert assured customers that Mint’s $15 per month pricing plan would stay in place…”

At least until they don’t.

I have yet a fair notion of pay as you go data to encounter. Why would the underwriting fees be so close to 50%.