MicroSD memory. Bad? Or just can't read it?

I have a dashcam 64gb MicroSD. Explorer says 61gb used and 1 gb free. But the folders are all empty??? I was going to delete and start over, but there’s nothing to delete.
Bad memory? Or…?

I would try reformatting.

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Thnx, will just buy another one. I want my dash cam to work.

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Did you perform a CHKDSK against it? It is possible the file table is corrupted. There are also undelete programs (some are free) that can scan the drive looking for old data. That doesn’t necessarily make the drive better but you may find that the drive is working after a format and check. By the way, a full format is better than a quick format.

As a side note, I once bought a 1TB USB memory stick from China for a couple of dollars. (A couple of dollars you say?), It had a number of bad sectors on it and was flaky, but did seem to have the correct size. It also could have been used as a cigarette lighter as it got very hot.

You probably have hidden files. A reformat should fix it, or there’s a way to show hidden files, which you can then delete. But I wouldn’t spend too much time on it a reformat doesn’t work. As you say, you want the dashcam to work.