Medicare Advantage Medical exam Work around

Clark has shared that moving back to Medicare from Medicare Advantage plans requires passing a medical exam. My father found a work around: when he moved from MD to NC, his Advantage plan wasn’t offered in NC. He was able to enroll in traditional Medicare without a medical exam.

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That’s true, but passing a medical exam may well be required to leave a MAP and enroll in a Supplemental Plan. Not sure about moving from from MAP to another.

There is never a medical questionnaire when moving from one advantage plan to another. You can always drop an Advantage plan and move back to basic Medicare A/B, but if you want to get a Medicare Supplement, then you are generally required to answer medical questions to determine acceptance. This can also be state dependent.

If you have an Advantage plan, and your plan terminates in the event of a move out of the service area, then you can get a “guaranteed issue” Medicare supplement…meaning no medical questions.

There are other senarios when guaranteed issue applies…but hope this helps.