Free OTC Meds Insurance Perks

United Health Care and Blue Cross Medicare plans both offer a $40 o $60 quarterly order of OTC medical stuff ranging from vitamin pills to bandages to shoe sole cushion inserts.

What’s the deal? Is it a way to get rid of excess stuff? … a market research thing?.. why do they do this?

It’s to get you to sign up for their plan instead of their competitor’s.

IT’s a perk of their Advantage plan. My plan gives me $100 every quarter for OTC purchases.

Just a promoted option for particular plans…Mom’s 2023 plan in So. CA gives her $136 per quarter.

My wife has this plan. It also includes free gym memberships at as many gyms as she wishes. She’s gotten electronic toothbrushes, bandages, blood pressure monitors, etc., with the quarterly purchases.

Is this Medicare Supplement or Medicare Advantage?


If my wife was on Advantage, she’d probably be denied care. Her hospital only takes one Advantage plan.