Mattress Buying

The OMF Mattress can be flipped and turned.
Wife did not want Memory Foam.
I picked the last one on sale from Costco… this time the decision was hers.

I’ve had good luck with the Original Mattress Factory over the last few decades, but sadly, we moved and no longer live near one.

Ah, thanks! Mine is long overdue to be flipped / turned!

It’s cause we spend one-third of our lives on them. And it’s an important one-third.

That explains why people are picky about their own mattresses. It doesn’t explain why people get defensive about mattresses other people sleep on.

Mattress envy? Mattress prejudice? … I agree that worrying about the mattress others choose to sleep on is a tad weird… unless it’s your spouse/significant other and you’re forced to sleep on it… :wink:

Today is Cyber Monday and there are great deals on the main box beds. I have wanted to buy the original Tuft and Needle mattress. Today it is 40% off. This is the lowest I have ever seen it. It has a 100 day trial period that you can decide on keeping it or not. I pulled the trigger :blush:

I ordered my mattress online. It was quite easy. It came vacuum-packed and rolled by UPS. There are several very reputable companies out there- Avocado, Birch, Brentwood, Latex for Less to name a few. Many offer a 1 year sleep trial, unlike physical stores whose trials are much shorter. All you do is open the box that comes by Fedex or UPS, and unroll the mattress onto your frame. It inflates once it hits the air. If you don’t like it after your trial, most companies just refund your money and ask that you provide proof of donation (you have to donate it yourself). Unlike what Clark said on air, there are plenty of non- memory foam beds available online. In fact, you can watch mattress videos on youtube. Most of the videos list a discount code in the description to save you further money. Avocado mattresses are rated #1 by C R for all but petite side sleepers. I had an expensive adjustable base Sleep Number bed for many years and didn;t like it at all. Plus, they have classic customer-no-service!

I agree. Sleepolis is a good review site. What you didn’t mention is that they, along with most review sites, offer a discount code. Two of the beds I tried had a full year trial period. But, in this day and age of COVID, if the bed didn’t work out, I was instructed to donate it myself then send them proof. I have found that a lot of the time, the firmness rating of the beds given on youtube is inaccurate. Also, a little trick is that if you contact the company before your trial ends to tell them you’ll likely be returning the bed, they’ll likely send you a free pillow [or 2] or a topper to help you determine if that is the true problem.

You might try a latex mattress. They come in 2 different types of latex as well as a hybrid format and do not sag.

I would warn everyone about buying a Tempurpedic mattress. They do not honor any warrantee claims, and will simply ignore any claims or complaints. Do a google search and you will see there are rampant stories of how they simply ignore people with issues. We had a mattress which sagged within a year of purchase, and they would simply ignore any warrantee claims. Come to find out that this is their busines model. Stay away!

When it comes to buying a mattress, it’s important to consider not only the comfort and support of the bed but also its maintenance. Ensuring your mattress stays clean and free of dirt and allergens is essential for a good night’s sleep and overall health. That’s why I highly suggest investing in a quality cleaning service to keep your mattress in tip-top shape. Many companies offer mattress cleaning services that use eco-friendly and non-toxic products to remove dust mites, bacteria, and stains. I usually use the services of Urban Company. Plus, regular cleaning can extend the life of your mattress, so you can enjoy sweet dreams for years to come. So, when you’re shopping for a new mattress, don’t forget to factor in the cost of a reputable cleaning service. Trust me, your body and mind will thank you.

I have a sagging queen mattress that needs replacement.

The thing I have never understood is if and why the box springs have to be replaced with the mattress. Is it just a sales ploy? How does one evaulate if the box springs need replacement?

Downstairs I bought a used full thick mattress that rests on a platform and has no box springs. It was used on a child’s bed by a family whose house was very clean. It is really firm- don’t know if it is from the lack of box springs or not.

Once thing I want is a mattress that can be reversed. Many of them can’t these days.

Would appreciate any suggestions.

I have a Sister who worked part time at an IKEA in the mattress section. A while ago she told me that they don’t make them any more. Probably because of cost.

We got ours from the Original Mattress Factory about a year ago and it can be flipped.

I was about to buy a mattress from OMF but am troubled that NONE were reviewed in the Consumer Reports mattress evaluation. Why would that be?

Remember planned obsolescence. It is a thing. By making a mattress that is not flippable they are saving some money (of course the price doesn’t drop).

So you can only “spin” the mattress. So the mattress wears out sooner and they get to sell you a new one earlier!

Why do you keep spamming this forum with links to your own website pissedconsum Come on, we can tell that’s what you’re doing. There’s no other reason for your inane replies on months-old topics.

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A year or two ago Clark mentioned on the podcast his great new mattress that he bought from Costco. The reason I’m interested is because he said he and his wife like a VERY firm mattress. That’s what we like, too. We have ordered multiple foam mattresses for our kids and, while they like them, they are not firm enough for us. Was hoping someone might remember the brand and style that Clark mentioned.