Do any secondhand-store chains sell used mattresses in this day and age?

Goodwill currently doesn’t.

I would not buy a used materess becaus eof the possibility of bedbugs, etc.

A mattress topper might work well for you on top of the cheapest mattress and box springs you can find.

It depends on your state. Some states allow used mattress sales and the mattresses are to be stored in an elevated manner (to avoid rodent infestation) and are to be treated with sanitizing agents (microbol or microban). They are spot inspected by the state. I agree with Lavarock regarding not recommending this for hygiene and support issues. You’re in your bed a third of your life, it’s one of those things I wouldn’t look for a major compromise on (same with shoes).

If you’re committed to a used mattress, try rent to own stores, Craigslist and Ebay.

Check out this article on the Clark Howard website:

When I ordered a topper, then later a mattress, online I was told to donate it after the trial period if it didn’t suit me. There are some quality ones out there then, but I assume they are gobbled up. However, I agree that buying a used mattress is risky. There are many great ones online, not all memory foam like Clark said on the podcast- latex, hybrid, etc. There are mattress selection videos all over youtube. Many are very reasonably priced. Most videos have a discount code listed in the description below. I got an extra $250 off my already reasonable price for a latex hybrid mattress. Clark surprised me in failing to mention that Avocado Mattress was C R’s top pick.

We bought a used mattress that had been reconditioned. So far so good. From Mattress Firm.