LED Shop Lights

I need to replace my 12-year-old 4-ft fluorescent tube garage lights with new ones. I think I’ll go ahead and bite the bullet and buy LED replacements. I’ll need about 45 of them so price is important.

Does anyone here on the forum have any recommendations for brands? I’ll need the ones that are plug-and-play replacements for the old fluorescent tubes.

On thing to consider is whether to use the existing fixtures or not. My Post Office has large old fixtures with ballasts. In any event, it may not be cost effective after electricity costs to just swap in LED bulbs and use the old fixtures.

I would buy some self-contained units and compare total cost including total electricity used. The new units will use bulbs that have LEDs adjusted so there are perhaps no ballasts or power conversions used. They may just take strips of 40 to 50 LEDs and put them across the power line.

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It will be less expensive to replace the fixtures. Figure out how many lumens you need, and the amount of space that needs to be covered. That will give you an idea of how many, and which fixtures best fit your needs.

A few years ago I replaced the 8’ fluorescent bulbs in my garage with 4’ LED fixtures that can connect together. Much brighter, and they have a motion sensor which is nice… I don’t need to worry about encountering a scorpion or widow when reaching for the switch. I found them on Amazon. I think I purchased three boxes of four fixtures. I have a couple of leftover fixtures.