Is Your AAA Membership Worth It?

It may depend on the state you live in…under Arizona law, they cannot increase rates due to using towing/road services. So check your state.

The only reason I have a AAA membership is because I have my Auto Insurance and now my Homeowner insurance through them. I very seldom use AAA services, only once for their DMV part and never for towing.
The complaint that I do have with AAA is their member services. For the past three years in December AAA has billed me an additional membership fee in addition to the one I pay annually in May. After talking to their customer service, the past 2 years I was told they didn’t know why I was charged and actually claimed they didn’t have a record of it and to dispute it with my CC company. I looked back 3 years ago and noticed the Dec charge was there and that that one got by me. I went down to my local AAA office in person with credit card statements and the rep had to call someone up and basically said that I had a family member authorized to use my card which was bull. They would not tell me what family member and I was given a generic complaint form to fill out. I felt like they just gave me a kick in the butt so that I would leave. When I got home, I called the AAA customer service number so that I could talk to a rep and I wanted a copy of the notes that were written down from the other reps who were trying to help me. Of course, the rep wouldn’t give me that info but she looked at the notes and asked me some questions and discovered that I was being charged for my deceased Mothers membership the past three years. She took notes, filled out some forms, sent some emails out to her bosses and was very helpful and figured everything out. I would like to get an answer as to why they would use my CC in fraudulent way. If my friend Clark is reading this, he would tell me who to report it to.

I called USAA and asked if usage of tow service raised rates, they said “no”.
I have used it several times. To be honest I have so much stuff insured with them I probably wouldn’t notice.
I use the Clark method and look at insurance as disaster only except for towing. My “discount “ for no claims for 50 years is almost the same as my bill.