Is the Moto G Pure smartphone worth getting in early 2023?

Here is a video a certain C Butler made some months back:

I’ve been getting Motorola Smart Phones for the last several years after getting tired of spending $400+ for Samsung phones. I’ve been very happy with the Motorola phones and currently have the Moto G Power. It does everything I need. My next Moto phone will have 5G support, something the Pure doesn’t have.

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I keep buying the Pixel a series of phones. I am currently on the 6a and I love it. I prefer a pure Android phone over one with manufacturer modifications or skins…

I bought a reconditioned Samsung S21-FE and it looked and acted like brand new. I added a $10 case which was a good price too. I liked the fingerprint reader and secure folder offered on some Samsung models.

Howvere I did change to the Nova launcher.

I’m a Motorola user, sometimes the build quality worries me, but they’re super economical. You can have quality issues with a $1000 handheld.

After my last moto broke down, I decided to spend the big bucks and get an iPhone 12 recondited from apple. I hate to say it but everything I use it for seems to work better then the lower end androids I have bought.

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