What is the best sub-$325 Android smartphone for senior citizens at the present time?

Can someone tell me? I ask because my father’s Nokia 2 smartphone was apparently stolen awhile back.

Motorola line of phone

Through a Costco/TMobile Deal w/o a contract at Thanksgiving I got the Samsung S20 for your price range.

My second choice was the Samsung A51… now on Amazon for 379… but the A20 deal was too good to p[ass up.
You might look a TMobile offerings. I would avoid a contract. Look for sales

I have the TMobile Senior plan… Unlimited TTD for 27.50 + tax and fees… $65 a month for 2 of us.

I agree. I’ve had a Moto G Power for about 6 months and like it.

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After years and a number of different android phones, I am concluding that Apple product is superior.

Yes Apple is evil, but google is even more evil.

What really sells me is the stability and consistency of the iphone. With an android, you are at the mercy of the manufacturer and often the phone company that sold you the phone. When updates happen, they are slow to roll them out, and after a couple of years you are unlikely to see any “security” updates at all!

The apple product really is different. Phone companies don’t get to load their crap ware, and apple itself issues the updates and lets you know. No problem with updates; I have an iphone 7 from work, and use a 2020 SE myself. Got wife an iphone 8 Plus as it is a little bigger and I figure easier for her since she is computer phobic and uses an ipad. That 8 Plus was right at $300 off of ebay.

Another vote for Moto. They are unlocked and there are usually maybe six models available for less than $200.

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Everyone has their price… My Moto phones are usually $200-$250 total. So $300 off is just hair-raising to me.

I cant say its the best for senior citizens…but if you have an older Pixel its going to be really hard to beat this tread-in deal for the 6a: