Is Ezekiel bread really THAT much better than whole wheat bread?

I ask because Ezekiel bread is relatively expensive.

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It has more fiber, less sodium, and more protein than other breads. It tastes much grainier than other breads but it is very healthy compared to your typical bread. Trader Joe’s carries it too.

My wife bakes our bread from winter wheat flour we grind at home. The texture is much like the whole wheat store-bought breads, but it has a lot more flavor, probably because of the freshly-milled flour. I think the cracked-wheat grainy breads have the un-milled berry hulls added to the flour. Flour milled from whole berries does not have visible wheat hulls in it. The are ground up with he rest of the berry and the flour is light brown.

I believe it is gluten-free too, which has some benefits.

Wheat is not gluten free. However different wheats and different yeasts can impact the gluten.

I use Ezekiel bread. I was on a gluten-free, and thus bread-free, diet for many years before I found it. There are a couple other brands like it, too. I don’t believe it is gluten-free but it IS flour free. They also have a sprouted grain bread. I think flour is my problem because I am tolerant of this bread digestively but no others. Since it is frozen, it won’t have that doughy texture but it keeps indefinitely in the freezer. It is outrageously priced through Walmart!!! Other stores price it more reasonably at about $5.69 full price. It’s definitely worthwhile if you have digestive issues. Many breads labeled as whole wheat actually use refined flour, not necessarily whole wheat flour, so you have to check the ingredients. Most also add sugar to the bread.

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I’ve never seen it the frozen section, but i typically dont look for breads there. It’s in the regular bread sections at Trader Joe’s and Sprouts.

Really? I’ve only seen it frozen, typically at Nob Hill and Safeway. It’s $5.69 frozen. How much is it at TJ’s? It might be nice to not have to toast it.

at trader joes its 5 maybe elsewhere 9
its good yet spoils fast and i hate it half the time

Ezekiel cooked his bread over a cow patty fire. Eze 4:15

Doesn’t it come frozen? I keep mine frozen and toast it when I’m ready to eat it. My local Nob Hill has it but also has Food for Life bread that is essentially the same but cheaper (not cheap by any means).