Investing in ICRADD

Has anyone ever heard of or invested with a real estate investing group called The setup is that you provide money for them while they do the heavy lifting of rehabbing properties to either flip or rent. Sounds pretty good up front. Then they tell you at the end that you most pay a $50,000 fee to become a member of the “Inner Circle”. I said “no thanks” when I heard this! Is this normal? Please share your thoughts.

Here is some of their results:

Inner Circle | Inner Circle’s Renovated Homes (

Not exactly an A list of properties to boast about.

EDIT: I guess you have to wonder why these gurus want to cut you in on their successful business ventures so much.

As an experienced real estate investor…I would advise you not to be part of this program.

You can literally learn everything you need to be a real investor from free online sources. Additionally, you can find a local REIA and attend those meetings.