Internet plan on cruise ship

Cruising to Alaska out of Seattle next month. what are my options for internet so I dont have to buy the ships expensive plan. I heard I can buy a plan with a new sime card?

We did a Royal Caribbean cruise to Alaska in June. I do not think that a new sim card will make a difference. The two options we had was to use the free cruise line app which is limited to text messages. One of our 5 adults did that and the problem was that she did not receive notifications when her text messages arrived. The other adults got the expensive plan Voom which provided for text with notifications, calls and data. Voom was less expensive if purchased prior to sailing.

Just a note that I don’t think Tmobile covers much of Alaska and that we did an Alaska cruise last April on Carnival Miracle and I did purchase the 24 hour internet using the best one and middle one. Neither was very good and I couldn’t tell the difference between the two of them. I think the older smaller cruise ships that go to Alaska all have bad internet. Just my thought from my experience.