International cell phone data

How do you stay connected when you’re traveling? I typically use my phone plan’s international roaming, but I know that’s not the most cost-effective solution. Do you buy a SIM card when you arrive at your destination or rely on Wi-Fi at the hotel? Looking for your best travel tips when using your phone outside the States!

We have T-Mobile and have international data roaming available in almost every country as part of our plan. We have used so far in Central America, Europe and the Middle East without issue

We am overseas usually 2 months a year and have also been using the T-mobile Magenta plan. As per your articles,the weakness of the Google Fi and T-mobile plans are the per minute charges for calls placed originating overseas. So, I also use WhatsApp for calls to connected family in the states and for calls to locals who use WhatsApp in the countryies we are visiting.