Hoover Customer lack-of-Service

So, i ordered a Hoover hard floor cleaner through Hoover’s website. It’s similar to a carpet cleaner, but scrubs hard floors, and has a squeegee to help with vacuuming up the water. Essentially a fancy scrubbing mop that keeps clean and dirty water separate.

Except it won’t dispense the water.

Ive been trying for 2 weeks to get through to customer service. But

  1. they do not list an email address to email your complaint

  2. they never answer the phone

  3. their website stated hours don’t match up with the hours that the phone says the office is closed or the chat logs you off for being after hours

  4. it might be 20 to 30 minutes between their chat responses to your answer/reply, but the chat automatically logs you out after 4 minutes of your non-response.
    5)they “don’t do exchanges” even though the machine is brand new, and never worked.

  5. now they emailed ME, asking for a video showing it not working… I have no idea how to show a negative event…

And then theyll take several business days to review, and then get back to me…

Charge back.