Handling an EV fire, not the ordinary

Be sure to stay at home when charging

I refuse to buy an electric bicycle, because there have been lots of e-bike fires. Also e-scooters, and those sort-of two-wheeled SEGWAY sort of things have had battery fires.

Heck my Dell laptop battery went into thermal runaway and almost ignited at work!!! The safety officer and I were close to pulling the fire alarm and evacuating the floor.

And be sure and stay home and watch your gas car too! It’s more likely to cause a fire! :slightly_smiling_face:

From autoweek.com:

" In the early days of the automobile, attached garages were considered a bad idea. Why park a car with a filled gas tank in a building attached to the rooms where we eat and sleep?

Now it’s the electric vehicle’s turn to fight that misperception. It doesn’t help that e-bikes and e-scooters using the same sort of nickel-cadmium-based lithium-ion batteries have been catching fire while charging inside New York apartments."


The purpose of the video which it well demonstrates is that responding to and handling an EV fire presents extraordinarily dangerous and much more expensive challenges as compared to ICE fires. Something that must be reflected in higher auto insurance rates for all vehicles.

Comparing fire rates of EVs to ICE is only academic assumptions based upon an equal number of sales not in use. Until there are an equal number of both vehicle types being used in daily real world circumstances we don’t know with any certainty.

What is certain is the extraordinary equipment, measures and time the fire departments must use to handle EV fires. we all will pay for that.

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Believe it or not, a very similar thing happened when we switched to horseless carriages. Firemen were accustomed to dealing with haystack fires. Then along came gasoline fires which were much more difficult to put out. As a matter of fact the problem is still with us. And… we’re still paying for THAT.