Washington Examiner: "Households face being hit with shocking electric bills this summer"

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I expect this may also impact the sale of electric cars.

In a good way? Will the sale of electric cars go up this summer?

Negative since the cost of charging an electric car will go up.

I think you are wrong Raspy… the increased cost of electricity is due to the increased cost of creating it. That cost is highly dependent upon the cost of energy. So… higher energy cost equals higher electricity costs… BUT

Even if the costs to produce gasoline and electricity were the same, which they are not, you still have to get the fuel to the car’s tank or battery. The cost of getting the gasoline to the filling station is 11% of the price you pay. The cost of getting a KWh of electricity to your car is 1.5%… AND

After you get the gasoline into your car it only transfers 30% of the energy output of that gasoline into making it go. For an average EV, 90% of the energy that only took 1.5% to deliver to point of need is used to make the vehicle go. That is why increased energy prices will improve. not hurt, the outlook for EV sales.

Here is a real-life example of what I mean, it’s actual data from my Volvo EV and my Hyundai Santa Fe gas car. I just returned from a 1,339 mile round trip in the gas car and averaged 56 mph and got approximately 22.5 mpg. The total amount we paid for gasoline for the trip was $308. So $308 divided by 1,339 = 23 cents a mile for fuel.

In our EV, for a recent around-town series of short trips, the total mileage was 151 miles averaging 21 mph. Those miles used electricity at the rate of 0.34 KWh per mile. I pay less than 10 cents per KWh for electricity or about 3.5 cents to go one mile.

So even if electricity were to double and gasoline prices were to stay the same, (a very unlikely scenario,) my EV would still cost less than a third of what my gas car cost to drive.

Good work on the numbers.

Looks like you are correct.