FuboTV - Unable to accept credit cards / Bally Sports Southeast (Atlanta Braves)

Good luck to anybody trying to sign up to watch the Atlanta Braves on FuboTV. Their website declines both my cards (VISA and Mastercard) despite both cards being fully paid off each month and used regularly. They are having significant issues there. I spoke to customer service and they went through their checklist of questions (is it prepaid, etc). I used both card regularly for many services on the internet but yet this one site is so bad it can’t accept cards. They must be losing a significant amount of business. Unfortunately, YouTubeTV (which we really enjoy) does not carry Bally Sports Southeast to watch the Atlanta Braves. Seems Directv is the only other option for the next six months of MLB baseball.

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A couple of the criteria which credit card processors use are that the name must match and the billing zipcode. Sometimes you can enable city and other checks. The enabling of extra criteria helps eliminate fraud but may reject valiod cards.

For example, I have a hyphenited street address 12-3456 Mystreet. Some credit card accepting websites don’t strip out the hyphen or do strip it out and then it doesn’t match. Some sites allow extended zip (with and without hyphen). The processor, the webpage processing and the checks are all done in different places by different enties. For example, as a company you can choose to check or not check many credit card items.

From Strip for example:

Address verification (AVS)

Address verification (AVS) checks two pieces of information, the postal code and the billing street address. AVS checks determine whether this information matches the billing address on file with the card issuer. Radar includes a rule to block any payments that fail postal code verification, which you can enable or disable within the Dashboard.

If enabled, these address checks can fail on legitimate payments in some situations. For example, a customer entering their address incorrectly or moving and not updating their address with the card issuer could cause the address check to fail.

Support for both types of AVS checks varies by country and card issuer (for example, certain countries don’t use a postal code or some card issuers don’t support street address verification). However, street address verification is commonly supported for cards issued in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

Did you get any resolution on this? I am having the same issue. Keeps saying “declined” but have tried 2 cards that are in good working order and AMEX doesn’t show any declined charges. We also have YouTube TV and the direct tv wants me to get some device, which I don’t want to get. So, totally stuck! Let me know if you have any suggestions!

Catherine, I did get resolution somewhat (but it is still a trainwreck). My wife and I use a Visa and a Mastercard. It would take neither. Our oldest son has a Visa (issued by the same bank, BofA) and I tried it and somehow it worked. So, I really don’t have any further insight. Sorry you are dealing with this hassle. Just had a thought. I wonder if they take “prepaid” Visa like they sell at Kroger with the gift cards. Hope it somehow works out for you. Also, not sure what device Directv is indicating. We used it last year on multiple TVs here. One was a Smart TV and the others just regular and we used the Roku which I love.