Freevee TV Shows don't finish

Is anyone else having the same issue I am? I can’t watch “free” TV shows on Freevee because the ending is cut off on every episode. I go through all the stupid adds and get into the show then it suddenly switches to the next episode mid-conversation before the end of the show. We used to get Perry Mason and Perception as well as other shows we really enjoyed for free with Prime, but they all moved to Freevee and are now unwatchable! I found a way to reach out to Amazon by doing a Google search, but it was feedback with no response so I am still frustrated.

I have the same problem with recorded shows on Comcast. I can’t adjust the time and must use their settings.

But they begin to save 1-2 minutes before the show starts, which is fine. But then the last 1-2 minutes are chopped off.

In many shows, this is fine, but many crime shows are not. I’ve called them many times.

Does not help.

Perception is only available for free on Freevee, but most of the Perry Mason (old TV shows) are available elsewhere. I watch on Pluto TV on Pluto TV (JustWatch Search)

I’ve had it happen a few times, but not regularly.