Fraud Alert Problem

Wife has a 840 credit bureau score. Has no debt and has a few charge cards because they give discounts if an item is charged. No balance on any of them. Placed a Fraud Alert on her credit so a creditor would have to verify identity before opening up a new account. She was buying an item where she received 15% off if she opened a charge card and the item was only $90. She applied and was turned down for the first time in her life. They couldn’t tell her the reason. Since the Fraud Alert was placed 3 weeks ago we think this was the reason. The lady at the desk would only say maybe your credit is frozen.

Would some turn you down because of a fraud alert on file ???

I think so. Isn’t that the point of a fraud alert?

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No a Fraud Alert is to alert the creditor to verify the person applying for credit is actually the customer. They have the person applying for credit phone number and email address listed on the alert. It is against the law to turn a person down because of a Fraud Alert has been added to the Credit Bureau’s.

Oh right, I was thinking of a freeze.