AT&T Data Breach

I received a notice that I was part of the AT&T Data Breach. As recommended, I placed a freeze on my credit at all three credit bureaus and I submitted a fraud alert which also was placed at all three credit bureaus.

Today I received notice of a new FICO score, and it is 22 points lower than the last FICO score that I had. I do not plan to take out any new credit and my score is still well over 800 but I am wondering if the fraud alert or the freeze was the reason for the drop. I have not started any new credit accounts and I still use my credit about the same as always.

Is anyone else seeing such a drop in their FICO score for no apparent reason?

I wouldn’t worry about it. If your score is over 800 it doesn’t matter. You are at the highest level. People obsess too much over their credit scores. Pay your bills on time is all you need to do and your score should be at or above 800. People need to worry more about their net worth. Get that number as high as possible.

I would still investigate the 20 point drop for no apparent reason.

I just checked and 2 of my 3 scores dropped 7 points. It appears 3 cards increased my limits, 2 decreased my limits. With a score of 813 the site reccommends: A new card could help increase your $xx,xxx credit limit.

HUH? I used to relish having a credit limit of $10,000. I am embarrased to say what those x’s above represent, but it is alot. I’m retired, my house is paid off, I pay all cards each month and don’t need credit cards for credits sake just to get cash back or rewards.

My over-800 score can vary up and down 20 points depending on how charged up my credit cards are at a given time. Credit utilization is 30% of the score, so it can have a big effect. I wouldn’t worry about it.

i would not worry about such a small FICO fluctuation. Since the ATT data breach (I’m a victim too) leaked the SSA#s on the dark web, I would be much more worried about it being used for fraudulent medical & retirement claims, especially if you are 62+. I decided to open a account (which is a strong advice by Clark anyway) so I can be alerted of any claim. I thought it would be near impossible (ID verification) because I froze my credit after the Equifax debacle. But it went very smoothly, I was done in under 10’. Frankly I was pleasantly surprised. Now I can access SSA anytime i want. As far as fraudulent medical claims, just check periodically your insurer’s website. As far as criminals giving your SSA# to police for ID, well that’s a tough one, don’t know how to protect against that.