Ever tried to delete a Facebook account?

I think FB should be described s a virus because it’s so hard to kill it.

Many years ago I created a FB acct for family pics, etc, but have not used it in ages. Over time I’ve encountered many sites that lets me use my FB creds to log in rather than creating a new accut. Seemed handy, so why not.

My “Ask Leo” newsletter warns how dangerous this can be, so decided to delete my FB acct. OMG…!!! There’s about 15 steps, buried deeper and deeper in seemingly endless layers. Never would have got there without Leo’s step/step directions.

Kicker #1: As I progressed through the steps the fonts get smaller and smaller. This is not mice print but baby mice print. No scroll bar to reach the bottom where the delete menu is located. Finally got there,

Kicker #2: Leo warns to NOT attempt to log into FB for at least three working days. Any attempt will UNdo the delete acct effort.

FB does not want anyone to ever leave,!


Welcome to the cyber Hotel California! :japanese_ogre::scream::shushing_face::joy::japanese_ogre:


I had FB account about 11 years ago which I only used for about a year. I thought I closed it down with the instructions they gave me. Years later, I get e-mail every now and then from some South American country trying to get me to respond to what was my FB account. I believe it got taken over someone down there and somehow my e-mail still is connected to it. The only saving grace is hopefully I can prove I never log in to the account from the USA in the event someone uses it for nefarious purposes.

So FB is a dumpster fire of a social media.


It’s astounding how many sites I visit that offers me a new account, OR, I can simply log in using my FB creds.

Usually you can zoom in/out of a page by holding down the CTRL key and using your mouse wheel. A lot of people don’t know this keyboard shortcut. This is helpful for not only enlarging text but seeing the buttons that are sometimes off the bottom of the page. It doesn’t always work for photos and some text and this assumes you are using a computer and not your phone or tablet.

Yes, I do that, but as I noted, it’s difficult to roll down the page where the “delete account” is located. FB makes it hard to delete them.

When my Dad passed a few years ago I canceled his FB account. They asked for a copy of his death certificate and I filled out a short form. Pretty straight forward.

They knew they couldn’t squeeze any more from him. I’m with the others here who deleted account a while ago (right after Zuckerberg was accused of hacking his customers’ machines). They’re still trying to lure/trick me into reactivating account.

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I deleted my FB acct on 10/23. Apparently it takes 30 days…!!!

Well now, that’s reassuring. Thank you for the heads up. My trust in the Zuk isn’t strong, so time will tell. Maybe another thing to celebrate at Thanksgiving. Guess I’ll name the turkey Zuk this year…

Deleted FB many years ago.

Back then when you hit the final enter it was gone.

3-1-24 still getting FB communications of the form "x, y, z are new groups for you or sent you communications