Dropped Calls- Cell phone or carrier

My elderly mother had an iPhone 7 and it kept dropping calls in the independent living facility where she lives. She is a Total by Verizon customer. The residents with the iPhone 6 and 7 seemed to have the same issue. So, I thought maybe it is because it is an older phone and I changed her to a 1st generation SE, not old, but at least a little newer. It is still dropping calls so now everyone says it is a Verizon Issue and we should switch to T-Mobile, as Verizon reception inside buildings is poor? Any thoughts? I feel like I am chasing my tail. Maybe a new SIM card? Any thoughts?

Recently my Sister found that Verizon service at the cottage she built has gone very weak. It has been that way for months, so she feels your pain. Since it is almost a vacation home t oher, she knows crtain places on the property where coverage is better. The area around her is rural so Verizon probably won’t do anything. She has no electricity or landline there, so alternates are few and far between.

Up at a tourist location here, Verizon was very weak. We called Verizon and they gave us a micro cell. IT is used when there is an issue with signal strength in a location. If it is a single person it may not be an option, but in this case, it effected many people. Verizons box is small and fits on the desk. There is a small antenna you can extenc to a window so the box knows its GPS location. The device itself is a mini cell tower that transmits and recieves cell signals. Then it connects t oeither a DSL or Cable connection (in this site it is Spectrum) to carry the signal to a Verizon point. They went from 1 bar to 4 or 5. You have to enable an item on the phone but then that solved the problem. This site talks about a cost. In the location I mentioned, they said no cost. The owner of the Verizon plan it is on has many cellphones and tablets.

Our reasoning to Verizon was that we had many visitors who could not use Verizon and Verizon didn’t want or could not adjust the cell tower antennas to rectify the issue. We mentioned the issue that since the site did not have a landline, the cellphone calls would be the way we get to 911 and if signals were not strong or working…

We have had Verizon for 20 years and it has worked fine till we moved into our new house in the country 5 years ago. We called Verizon and they sent us a network extender (micro cell as Lavarock describes} for FREE! We too went from 1 bar to 4-5 bars and have had no more problems.

Finally changed to T-Mobile and no more dropped calls. Also, got a better monthly rate so glad the switch was made.