Does medicare pay for ambulance

I have medicare advantage, and did not see ambulance in my coverage.
I went to a seminar selling ambulance insurance, for about 50.00 a month.
Often it is not you that chooses to call ambulance, but your doctor, or his nurse.
Is there any places that offer reasonable ambulance insurance?

Has clark had any shows on Ambulance insurance?

Great idea!
I can’t believe what an ambulance cost me for a ten minute trip to ER.

Find out what your local costs may be. When dealing witb my parents, their advantage plan did provide coverage, but direct pay (no insurance) was not unreasonable…certainly less that what you list as the monthly cost.

Part of the cost may be the emergency care provided, not just the transport cost.

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If I recall correctly, advantage plans must provide the same services, but may restrict to specific providers.

I have UA advantage here in NV and it only pays for ambulance if I were admitted to hospital. Other than that the cost is about $350. Checking with the local ambulance company to see if they have a program is a good idea.

Wow, moving to NV may be a bargain for old folks. Around MO it is 1200!

I’d review your advantage policy, everyone I looked at had some coverage. the plan I’m in has a $110 deductible, that as I remember is waived if you are admitted to hospital. It also provides up to $50,000 for overseas emergency treatment and evacuation if required.

May be hit or miss. Late wife took a ride from small hospital to one with intensive care and I do recall getting duns from the ambulance. I’m getting good at forgetting, but dredging in memory, I think she had a so-called advantage plan. Those are neither medicare nor advantage; they are scams for the insurance companies to make big money. Net result was a strong assertion that survivor should pay. No idea if it would be covered on regular medicare but I would bet the chances are better.

Hello. I have a medicare advantage plan that pays for ambulance transport with a $50 copay, no stipulations. Each policy is different. Call the phone number on your insurance card or policy to get a definitive answer. $50/month for ambulance coverage would be $600/year. Sounds like a rip off.